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Whether you need to find a new dry cleaner, buy some socks or check that your insurance company isn’t about to rip you off (hint: they probably are), you’re going to do a quick search on the world’s biggest search engine.

According to Statista, Google has an 89% market share in the UK. That means if your website is not appearing for relevant searches to your organisation or business, you are leaving so much on the table. Organic search is crucial for getting found on Google, but so are Google Ads.

PPC for Charities

We utilise the Google Ad Grant which provides nonprofits with free Google advertising up to about £90,000 per year. This gives charities a mechanism for connecting with volunteers, fundraising and raising awareness of their organisation’s work in a targeted, cost-effective way.

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PPC for Business

We work with clients across sectors including e-commerce, accommodation and technology to bring them more revenue and customers within budget.

We are always focused on delivering a return on investment (ROI) from our PPC marketing to ensure we contribute to growth.

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Who We Are

Anuncia is a specialist marketing agency founded by Oscar Ford in Leicester. The team at Anuncia are highly-trained with decades of experience. Our pay-per-click specialists use data, experience and knowledge to bring exceptional value to our clients across Google, Bing and other platforms.

We tend to build long-term relationships with our clients, who we think of more as partners. We like to give people honest recommendations based on our best judgements and work with organisations we can really bring value to.

We are a multidisciplinary team of journalists, economists and data scientists and we are qualified experts in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We strongly believe in the importance of specialisation. We focus on being the best in these areas.

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Google Partner Agency

As a Google Partner Agency, we are one of a relatively small number of agencies in the UK who have shown they can really deliver for clients. We have access to extensive product training, tools and support from the big G to ensure our clients get the best value by staying at the cutting edge of search and display technology. We meet Google's Partner requirements because we:

  • Have a highly-trained, fully qualified team of Ad specialists
  • Manage £10,000s in client spend effectively every month
  • Deliver strong client growth and performance

What Our Clients Say

Why work with us?

Laser-focused on client goals

We make sure everything we do is tailored towards hitting your objectives. We make our reports easy to understand and agree on objectives that are realistic and achievable. If we don’t think we’ll be able to add value to your organisation, we’ll tell you upfront.

Specialists, not generalists

We pride ourselves on being specialist pay-per-click experts. That’s all we do. That means you can be confident that our team of certified Google Ads professionals can deliver exceptional value as we’ve spent years mastering our craft.

We've got a process that works

We combine our experienced knowledge of best practice with our own custom technology and tools to ensure we deliver repeatable results that scale with your organisation. We are continually testing the latest features and approaches to stay at the forefront of our profession.


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