Internal Projects

Our team dedicate time to launching and growing speculative projects and business ideas

At Anuncia, we don’t just use our skills to help our clients get great results.

We allocate a percentage of our team’s time to internal projects across ecommerce, software and any other ideas we think should exist but don’t!

Key achievements

Some of the projects we’ve worked on:

We used SEO, Google Ads and Amazon Ads to grow a t-shirt business from 0 to $3,727 in sales in 2 months

We built a team of designers and used print-on-demand platforms to host and print our designs onto t-shirts, apparel and other products.

Using our keyword research skills, we’d identify topics that people wanted products in and design specifically for those. We’d ensure our listings were SEO-friendly so they’d appear for target searches and voila! The sales started to come in.

We spun this project out into its own business, which still runs and is growing steadily.

We spent £10,000s in Google Ads to build profitable niche ecommerce affiliate websites

Using a combination of traffic generation channels, we used affiliate programmes across ecommerce to monetise content and top 10 lists around target topics such as whisky, clothing and electronics.

This project scaled well but it required too much additional investment to make it worthwhile to continue focusing on it.

We’ve had plenty of projects fail, stall or mothball too. All of this experience helps our team empathise with our clients, learn new skills and flex their creativity.

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