Vancouver Cabaret Theatre

Record ticket sales for the New Year’s Eve Variety Show

Vancouver Cabaret Theatre

Comparing Nov – Dec 2018 vs Nov – Dec 2017


Increase in ticket sales year-on-year overall

A record number of attendees for the Theatre’s Variety Show


Growth in total revenue year-on-year

Consistent messaging across search, display and video

After a sold-out show in the Vancouver Playhouse in 2017, Vancouver Cabaret Theatre approached us to help them drive ticket sales for their biggest-ever show in a new venue for 2018, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Using the nonprofit theatre group’s Google Ad Grant and combining it with campaigns across paid search, display and YouTube ads meant we could drive record ticket sales for the show.

The Challenge

Vancouver Cabaret Theatre run an all-year-round circus hub in the heart of Vancouver in Canada.Their dynamic and ambitious team approached us to help them prepare for their biggest show yet: their 6th annual New Year’s Eve Variety Show in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

The team were keen to utilise multiple marketing channels and techniques in the local area to drive interest across multiple touchpoints, including billboards, Facebook ads and print advertising.


The primary goal was to drive ticket sales at a positive return on investment. A secondary goal was to learn which marketing channels and combinations performed best, as the Theatre was keen to find a working formula for the future.

Our Approach

As with all of our clients, we started by ensuring key conversions were being tracked, accurately. Ticket sales were reported through Eventbrite, so we implemented cross-domain tracking to attribute sales made off-site to the correct marketing channel.

Our first focus was to saturate the Theatre’s Google Ad Grant account with relevant keywords, to make sure we were utilising this highly leveraged marketing channel. We focused on the most relevant keywords in the 6 weeks running up to New Year’s Eve, targeting friends and families looking for activities to bring in the New Year. We had a particular focus on anything related to families or being “family-friendly”, as this is a key selling point of the show.

We combined this core with display remarketing and YouTube pre-roll ads via an additional paid Google Ads account for the Theatre, focusing on key remarketing audience segments and some cold, potential ticket buyers – parents, grandparents and others likely to be interested in the show.

YouTube advertising was focused on generating top-of-funnel interest for key audiences in the run-up to the event.

The Results

Within the backdrop of an overall increase in ticket sales of 70% year on year, we saw the best campaign performance coming from display remarketing, with more than 800% return on ad spend.

Of the 1,000s of website visitors we drove to the website, nearly 70% of sales came from non-brand traffic.

We loved working with Vancouver Cabaret Theatre and are looking forward to the 2019 show!

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“[Anuncia] helped dig into our Google Ads account, [they] provided many awesome suggestions to move forward with. We are a non-profit theatre company that receives a Google grant, and [they] understand (even helped us with compliance) the rules that Google puts behind this very well.”Daniel Zindler, Artistic Director

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