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Many charities and nonprofits struggle to optimise and maintain their Ad Grant accounts while juggling their other marketing channels. On average, we help charities and nonprofits increase Ad Grant spend and traffic by 300%. Charities across the UK and internationally trust us to manage their accounts and help them reach their goals successfully.

Nonprofits can get so much value out of their ad grant account if they use it properly. Unfortunately, a large number of charities just don’t have the time to get their campaigns running how they would like. We’re here to help.

Simply fill in the form, and we will complete an audit of your Ad Grant account, free of charge! We will tell you what your account is lacking and how you can optimise your account to reach your goals.

    How it works

    Find out what we'll check and get your free audit!

    Granting Access

    We'll contact you shortly after receiving your form with more information on getting access. Don't worry, we just need view-only access to complete your audit, and we'll keep all of your account data strictly confidential.

    Reviewing the account

    After getting access to your account, one of our Google Ads Certified Professionals will complete a full account audit, highlighting areas for improvement, compliance issues and other general pointers.

    Getting your Ad Grants audit

    After a few days, your report will be complete. We'll send you the full report for free, detailing how you can improve your account with tailored tips to help you best optimise your Ad Grant.

    Tips on ad grant account management

    • Use automated rules for tedious daily tasks - for tasks such as pausing low-quality score keywords, emailing you if the click-through rate is lower than 5% or enabling seasonal ads
    • Grow your click-through-rate using responsive search ads - by now you should have three ads per ad group, but testing Responsive Search Ads will help you grow your ad group's CTR
    • Avoid single-word keywords -  go through your search terms and add the ones that are most relevant to your non-profit. Try to use two to three words per keyword
    • Use sitelink extensions to promote other parts of your website - it will help you grow traffic, and make your ads more extensive
    • Use automated scripts to check your account's compliance - run a weekly script that emails you your accounts' compliance state and the rules it's breaking

    Do you need personalised help with your account?

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