How can I get good value from Google Ad Grants?

Google Ads can be an extremely powerful tool for connecting people with products and services. For your charity, it allows you to show ads to people looking for keywords relevant to your work. If your charity runs science events for children, you can display your ads for searches like "things to do with kids London" or "science festivals uk".

How can my Grants account perform better?

If you already have and use a Google Ad Grants account, you probably know the potential value of in-kind advertising on Google for your charity.
Google brought in some new rules this year, which can make keeping your account compliant more difficult for people inexperienced with Ads.

These are a few things your Grants account must comply with:

An account must maintain a minimum of 5% CTR

You can’t bid on single word keywords except for brandings

Pause or fix keywords with a quality score lower than 3

Set up conversion tracking for accounts created in 2018

Managing all of these rules and more can be challenging, or at least very time consuming, for a charity marketing team that doesn’t specialise in Ads and has lots of other marketing activity to manage too.

At Anuncia, our team of PPC specialists want to help you not only stay compliant but grow so that your charity can continue to do more good. We operate on a flat-fee, rolling contract which is affordable and low risk to ensure that we bring your charity value above and beyond our fee.

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