Our Process

With every business we work with, we always start from the end goal. What do you want to get out of your pay-per-click marketing on Google and Bing? Whether you feel that you could get more value from your existing work in these channels, or you’re just exploring it as a new growth channel, our process is exactly the same.

Step 1 - Evaluating key objectives and metrics

Once you’ve been in touch with us, we’ll arrange a brief phone call to get a better feel for the business overall, current aims and challenges and how PPC as a channel fits into it. We will use the call to get to grips with the key fundamentals of the business. This will help us get answers to critical questions including:

  1. Who are your ideal customers? Where are they geographically?
  2. What’s the value of a customer to the business?
  3. What does the sales cycle look like? How long does it take for them to convert?
  4. What are the key website events we want to occur? (e.g. a sale, a form completion)
  5. What’s the target cost per acquisition (CPA) for these key events?
  6. What’s the budget for PPC?
  7. What’s the required ROAS (return on ad spend) we need to achieve?

Step 2 - PPC accounts audit & proposal

Now that we’ve got a good handle on the business and how PPC fits into the overall strategy, we’ll request access to your PPC accounts (Google Ads and/or Bing Ads) and Google Analytics accounts so that we can evaluate historic and current performance.

**Note that we can request access with a generic, non-business email address if you’d prefer to keep the audit discrete from your existing agency or freelancer**

We’ll complete a full, in-depth review of every aspect of your account and provide a detailed report showing areas for improvement and where we think we could realistically take the account over a 3 month plus period and how much it would cost to deliver. If we don’t think we can add sufficient value to your company at this stage, we will tell you. We’d rather you commit to marketing that works than taking on an account that we can’t deliver on.

Step 3 - Follow up questions and next steps

Once you’ve reviewed our proposal, we’ll address any additional queries or areas you’d like us to look at. If you’re happy, we can start working together and delivering on your key objectives.

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