What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a Google programme offering eligible UK charities and nonprofits $10,000 per month of in-kind search advertising to spend on helping the charity do more. That's nearly £90,000 per year!
Attract volunteers, connect with supporters, find new members and more.

New to the Ad Grant? Let us tell you more:

Walk-Through Ad Grants Setup Guide

Our free guide gives you the key points about the programme and how to apply.

Simply submit your email in the next page, and one member of our team will send it over to you.

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How To Master Google Ad Grants Series

Read online or download our 4-part series of How To Master Google Ad Grants (The Definitive Guide).

An extensive guide for newbies and organisations already using the Ad Grant looking for optimisation tips.

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Looking for Google Ad Grants support?

We've helped nonprofits use $10,000s in free Google advertising. We've helped them to attract more donations online, fundraise for specific campaigns or initiatives, find volunteers, raise awareness of their work and sell event tickets.

Google Ad Grants Setup

We’ll help you register and get your account approved. We have a 100% success rate for registration.
We’ll build the account in an easy-to-navigate structure divided by clear themes to ensure it’s compliant with Google’s policies.

Google Ad Grants Management

Our full monthly account management gives you all you need for maximum Ad Grant performance. Boost spend, stay compliant and hit your marketing goals!
Every month you’ll get a full report (jargon-free) and a 1-hour phone call to talk you through it.

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Other PPC services for charities

There's more out there than just the Google Ad Grant. We work with nonprofits big and small to run campaigns across Search, Display and Video, on Google and Bing.

Google Display Ads

We create and implement gorgeous ad creatives and animations. We combine this with laser targeting to reach users with the same interests as your nonprofit to hit your goals.

Google Video Ads

Turn your engaging videos into ads to help you promote your cause. Video ads on YouTube are great for raising awareness of your organisation and mission.


Show ads to users who have already visited your website, to re-engage them. This high-converting method is a fantastic way to increase your conversions.

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